In Europe, positively assessed the exchange of detained persons between Kiev and Donbass

the European press is full of optimism. “This is the first concrete step after the Paris meeting of the Normandy four with hope for the future,” writes the French “Le Monde”.

the German “Deutsche Welle” called the exchange of prisoners – “the long-awaited humanitarian gesture to celebrate the New year and Orthodox Christmas, which should help to restore trust between the two countries.”

the President of France Emmanuel macron thanked the participants of the trilateral contact group and noted that this development is fully consistent with the obligations of the Normandy format.

the EU called sharing — an example of implementation of the agreements reached. The statement stressed that Brussels will continue to “actively support the process of implementation of the Minsk agreements, including long-term cease-fire.”

Progress since the Paris meeting, which can lay the Foundation for future steps to resolve, noted in the Cabinet of Germany and the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Switzerland. Made a statement in the OSCE “the Exchange of prisoners in these holidays is especially important. Families can reunite and spend time together.”

Thanked the leaders of the Normandy Quartet and the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. “I want to thank all of the leaders of “Norman Quartet”. All agreed made. On this issue. Most importantly, the people of the house. And as we said – and did – until the New year. Because to meet it would be in families with parents with children. That’s fine. I’m happy.”

European organizations that have supported the progress the channel of negotiations, said – prepared to continue to provide support. The parties are waiting for a positive peaceful steps into the new, 2020.