In Evpatoria has carried the non-existent monument to Lenin

In Yevpatoriya began checking on the fact of demolition of the monument to Vladimir Lenin in one of the parks. This was stated by the head of the city administration Roman Tikhonchuk.

According to officials, the test will allow you to figure out who carried out the demolition of the monument, since the proper permission was not given. After that will be given advanced review. While Tikhonchuk said that legally, no monument exists.

As reported “Interfax”, the sculpture was located in the Park named Ivan Franko. The monument was designed as a small copy of the unrealized project of the Palace of Soviets (the building in Moscow with a statue of Vladimir Lenin on top).

About the incident on the social network Facebook said the user Oksana Taranina, attaching relevant photos. According to her, thus the power of the Yalta — without notice and without the views of citizens. The woman noted that such actions is the destruction of history and historical heritage.