In France the artists in protest danced

the Artists of the Paris national theatre performed an excerpt from a famous ballet by Pyotr Tchaikovsky “Swan lake”. It is a sign of protest against the pension reforms of the President of France Emmanuel Makron.

the dance artists performed on the steps of the Palais Garnier, said channel BFM TV. An excerpt from Tchaikovsky’s ballet performed about twenty dancers accompanied by the orchestra. Parisians and tourists reacted to the statement with a long standing ovation. In the arches of the Opera house, the organizers have installed banners with the words “Paris Opera on strike” and “Culture in danger”.

the Artists of Opera and ballet, the people of France for almost three weeks participating in a national strike against pension reform. It led to the cancellation of 45 submissions, and also turned a loss of 8 million euros for cultural institutions.

Earlier it was reported that because of the protests in France paralyzed all modes of transport. Mass protests and unrest in the country led to the closure of most shops and cafes.