In Gatchina will be the first in the country Museum of military aviation

the country’s First Museum of military aviation appears in Gatchina. As reported STRC “Saint Petersburg” TV channel “Russia 1”, it is located in a vacant field in the neighborhood of the Airfield.

This is a special place — it was here a hundred years ago during the Russian Empire was the first pilot school. In the future the territory of wasteland larger than twenty hectares fully equip. Pave bike paths, will make the recreational area and the main Museum.

the Special value of object — not less than forty exhibits, real aircraft and their small picture. Some of them will be placed directly on the field. Exhibition halls will feature in the rebuilt hangars almost a century ago.

the Project won the national competition for improvement of small cities that received Federal funding. In creating it for several months and was attended by local residents. According to historians, the Museum will be one of the largest in Russia.

Text: GTRK “Saint-Petersburg”