In the United States are preparing for the worst. The number of new infections in day may soon exceed 100 thousand. Such concerns were voiced by the chief expert of the working group on the fight against coronavirus in the United States, Dr. Anthony Fauci. A sharp increase had been observed since the mass protests that swept the United States. And to end the meetings, apparently, no one is going.

no shame, No conscience and no respect. Few of the demolition of the monument to Confederate protesters in America went on the attack for the first popularly elected President of the USA George Washington. Under cover of night, threw his statue in the Park in Manhattan balls with red paint. One of the founding fathers of the USA that back in the XVIII century dared to own slaves. The incumbent act of vandalism struck a chord for Washington, he promised to punish with imprisonment.

“We track down two anarchists who threw paint magnificent statue of George Washington in Manhattan. We have it on video. They should be prosecuted according to law. They face 10 years in prison on the basis of the law on monuments and statues. Surrender now!” turned to cyber criminals, U.S. President Donald trump.

it is Noteworthy that the hunt has just announced to blemishes of the statue of Washington in new York. About tracking hundreds of vandals, broke, demolished, raskrutila dozens of monuments on the territory of the United States, out of the question. But the term has already threatened the pair from St. Louis, whose photos with weapons in their hands were all over the Internet. In respect of spouses McCloskey began an investigation regarding threats to the protesters. The pair went to the door of his mansion, when about 300 protesters broke the gate of the neighbors, wanting a shortcut to go to the house of the mayor. Wife (the lawyers) said that he had acted in self-defense.

“It was like a storm. They pushed the gate, a huge and aggressive crowd, shouting rushed into the yard. I was terrified, scared we’d be killed any second, and building onwill afterburning. We are not threatened. We loudly warned that this is private property and asked to leave it” — tell the wife McCloskey.

But local authorities still prefer to follow the crowd. In Mississippi, for example, has officially refused the flag. The Governor signed a bill to change the state symbol, which until recently resembled the Confederate battle flag. The authorities have promised that the new flag will be the words “In God we trust”. Just for him, it seems, and have to rely States if the protests stopped. Because of the mass rallies in the country has dramatically increased the number of infected with the coronavirus COVID-19.

“If you just look at what is happening during these gatherings, you will see that people come there often without masks are in the crowd, without respect of distance, not paying attention to all of our recommendations. Now we have more than 40 thousand new infections per day. It is clear that we have no control over the situation,” — said the Director of the National Institute of allergic and infectious diseases of the United States Anthony Fauci.

Epidemiologists are afraid that if the situation does not change in the near future in the United States every day will identify about 100 thousand new cases of infection. Now in the country the number of infected exceeded 2 million 600 thousand people.