In his new year's speech Angela Merkel addressed the issues of climate

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has prepared a new year’s address to the nation. In her speech, she touched on a number of global and national problems. One of the main, which, according to Merkel, will face our children and grandchildren, is climate change.

the Warming of the planet is a reality, it is a threat, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the German Chancellor. Climate change was human-induced, and it is possible to protect the Earth from global warming. This confirms the German program for climate protection, adopted recently, said Merkel. She assured the nation that makes every effort to ensure that Germany has made environmental, social and economic contribution to control climate change.

In the next decade “compass” of the country will remain the values of the Basic law – freedom, solidarity, respect for human dignity. Also in the development of the country will focus on the principles of social economy. The Germans must rely on what makes them strong diligence, ingenuity, tenacity, engineers and specialists, state and public structures, in the way of life in families and associations, for example those who work in the field of care for the people, said Merkel.

She also noted that the especially important task of the state is to protect people from hatred, violence, hostility – from racism to anti-Semitism.

In the coming year Germany will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the unity. It will have to do more than it seemed 30 years ago, said the Chancellor. It is essential that people have access to education that will help them to adapt to the changes you make in the world of digitalization. She also noted the need to create secure jobs and ensure old age pension for citizens.