In is not associated with racism Black Lives Matter Fund Foundation was mistakenly transferred millions

the Largest companies gathered for a charity organization Black Lives Matter Foundation millions of dollars. It was assumed that the Fund is intended to combat racism. But in reality everything turned out the opposite — the organization is in favour of unity with the police.

according to BuzzFeed About the incident. Google, Apple, Microsoft and Dropbox using the crowdfunding platform Benevity were able to collect about four million dollars. As soon as it became aware of the issue, the transfer of funds was frozen. About 350 thousand dollars managed to collect on the platform GoFoundMe.

As it turned out, Black Lives Matter Foundation was founded by 67-year-old music producer from Los Angeles ray Barnes. According to him, the concept of the Fund is the Union of the local residents and the police, for example, spend time together drinking coffee and eating donuts. Also, the California resident believes that it would be useful to issue a ballot paper containing positive news about law enforcement.

it is Noted that the charitable organization has been in existence for more than five years, but for all time, none of her ideas in real life has not been implemented.

Crowdfunding platform wants to offer to all who donated funds, redirect them to the true movement of Black Lives Matter, which is struggling with a police license.

Recall, the movement intensified after the death of the African-American George Floyd, who was killed by a law enforcement officer. The wave of protests spread to many countries including USA, UK, France and so on.