In Italy drunk driver drove into a group of German tourists

In the Italian ski resort Lutago, near the border with Austria in a group of tourists from Germany was hit by a car. Six of the 17 tourists were killed on the spot and other 11 injured. Three victims are in serious condition.

the Young people coming out of night club, was waiting for the bus that was to take them to the hotel. 1:15 local time they crashed the Audi TT. Behind the wheel was 28-year-old local resident, according to the Italian Corriere Della Sera. According to preliminary data, he had very high alcohol content in the blood.

#Italie Une voiture a percuté à grande vitesse un groupe de jeunes touristes allemands à Lutago, in Valle Aurina dans la du Tyrol du Sud, tuant 6 personnes faisant et 11 blessés (3 dans un état grave)
Le conducteur, un habitant de 28 ans, aurait 1 élevé taux d alcoolémie.#Italy

— Rebecca Rambar (@RebeccaRambar) January 5, 2020