In Kabardino-Balkaria third day looking for a car with people fell into a river gorge

In Kabardino-Balkaria are looking for a car, fell into the river with the girl and two teenagers. As reported by rescuers the driver managed to leave the car for a split second before the fall.

the Incident occurred on Tuesday, June 30. “VAZ 2109” fell into a gorge on the river Baksan near seven in the evening. 24-year-old man lost control and the car rolled off a cliff. As reported STRC “Stavropol”, aired on the TV channel “Russia 24”, a second before the fall, he managed to jump out of the cabin. The girl of 22 years and 14-and 17-year-olds remained inside the car.

currently in operation on search of the missing involved more than 80 rescue workers and volunteers, as well as 12 emergency vehicles. Already surveyed about 10 kilometers of coastline. Night the search was suspended, but dawn was resumed. No luck so far.

Text: STRC “Stavropol”