In Kashin rains washed away all the pedestrian bridges

In Kashin, Tver region rains washed away all the pedestrian bridges. They from ancient times are called lava. Built them out of wood, and were a convenient lava river crossing.

Lava waterlogged before, but usually all at once, the locals will not remember. Recent flooding recorded in November last year.

In social networks, the residents complain that with the current rains and subsequent flood of the river, all suffered lava “resort”, “hospital” and others, informs GTRK “Tver”.

Note, the whole week in the Tver region the raging element, which is accompanied by heat. Several cities have already suffered from the heavy rains. On the eve of Udomlya flooded roads. Today inhabitants of the region are again waiting for the bad weather. In storm warning from the MOE says that in the next few hours in some parts of the region will come storms, hail and heavy rain. Also, strong wind, its gusts will reach 15-20 meters per second.

Text: GTRK “Tver”