In Kashira started the ultra-modern complex for processing of waste

In the Moscow region has earned a modern complex waste management. Its capacity — up to 300 thousand tons of garbage a year.

450 jobs, 4 shifts provide twenty-four hour operation of the enterprise. KPO “don”, Russia’s first complex, which incorporates the latest Russian and foreign developments in the field of sorting and recycling. No manual labor here, of course, is not complete. But the processes are automated.

New modern complex waste management in Kashira capable of sorting 300 tons of waste per year. Most of the equipment of production lines to domestic, has distinctive features in the organization of the sorting process. Here the waste from rotting and poisonous effluents do not poison the groundwater, however, as the lives of people in nearby towns smell of rotting. Here is half of the incoming waste, after sorting, are recycled. And ingress of dangerous substances into the air or soil are completely eliminated.

This complex under the name “don” the third in the Moscow region commissioned by the company “RT-invest” since the beginning of 2020. Same — “South” and “North” – is already running near Kolomna and Sergiev Posad. Another plan to build up to the end of the year.

the Task before the Moscow region is serious. On the eve of the Governor Andrei Vorobyov said that before the end of this year in region will close all landfills and replace them with complexes for recycling.

the Construction and commissioning of processing facilities in the context of the pandemic was not limited. The company was able to quickly adapt to the circumstances.

For the exclusive operation of such enterprises, and improving thanks to them, the environmental situation, we must seek to separate collection of waste on container platforms. Moscow oblast is the leader among the regions in this segment. But to extend the experience to other regiones — the government has taken some measures.

Now in Moscow region there are 8 systems for processing waste. All under eleven. Complete construction and commissioning of the remaining promise for next year.