In Kazan, the wild Fox was hunted on the symbol 2020

an Unusual scene was captured by witnesses in the Parking lot at “Kazan-Arena”. There they saw a Fox that came to the main stadium of the Republic of Tatarstan on the hunt. The prey of a predator was that if a mouse, whether the symbol of the coming year — a rat, informs GTRK “Tatarstan”.

in the video posted On social networks, is seen as a wild animal trying to catch the rodent, who is desperately trying to escape. And twice he manages to escape, however briefly. Fox were still able to catch prey and drag it in the direction of the stadium.

we will Remind, it not the first case when in Kazan noticed the Fox. At the beginning of December at the stadium passersby took video of redhead beauty.

Text: GTRK “Tatarstan”