In Kiev, nationalists celebrated the birthday of Bandera torchlight procession

In Kiev tightened security because of the torchlight procession in honor of Stepan Bandera. Since last year’s birthday accomplice of Hitler and the chief ideologist of the Ukrainian nationalists by the decision of the Verkhovna Rada became an official holiday. How many people celebrated?

Kiev. The center of the city. For marches blocked streets. Are nationalists with children on their shoulders and torches in their hands.

this year’s anniversary of the birth of Stepan Bandera — 111 years. For the nationalists — a reason to celebrate in a big way, especially since 2019 is a celebration of the state level. Then the procession in Kiev attended by two thousand people, and came from all over Ukraine. However, this figure should not mislead: not everyone even on the occasion of the birthday of the idol is ready to leave the table with Olivier, and to go to the capital to March.

“Quite a large number of the population adheres to such ideas. It is now about 10-15 percent of the active — 3-4 percent. But, however, this division of society in Ukraine there is also” — said political analyst Denis Denisov.

the figure of Stepan Bandera in Ukraine, even the attitude has always been ambiguous. The Nazis sent him to a concentration camp, but only immediately liberated, which gave rise to a legitimate rumor. The followers of Bandera was involved in the Volyn massacre.

the March in Kiev than once called the tradition of strange and wild — it is a direct analogy with Nazi Germany. In 1938, the Hitler youth organization took to the streets to burn books. The students marched with torches in hand.

And today the procession is the symbol of the nationalist movement in Ukraine. Only changed the target. Modern supporters of Bandera oppose any government attempts to stop the war in the Donbass and to come to terms with Russia.

“And the nationalists are at their peak, all that they have done for 28 years, preparing for this celebration of Nazism, they now celebrate. And even new year speech Zelensky, controversial, because it disappointed them deven more than those people who want a rapprochement with Russia. The nationalists clearly saw the words of the President that it expands very, very slowly — the Ukrainian ship,” — said political analyst Sergei Veselovsky.

Indeed, new year’s congratulation of the President of Ukraine caused heated debates. And for the so-called patriots it Zelensky — namely the part where he calls country to unite, suddenly appeared insufficiently Patriotic.

“our passport is not specified, Ukrainian right or wrong. No strings “patriot”, “little Russian”, “jacket” or “banderovets”. It says: “Citizen of Ukraine”, which has rights and obligations”, — said the Ukrainian President.

Former Ukrainian government, to keep, needed new enemies, and new heroes. One of those put on a pedestal, was Stepan Bandera. The new President seems committed to the unification of the nation. And if he needed a symbol, more like the Apple of discord?