In Kislovodsk found imprinted in the rock dinosaur footprint

In the Spa town of Kislovodsk on the breakaway piece of rock wall, which is left in the ground approximately 5.5 metres, the researchers of the North Caucasus Federal University have discovered traces of a plant-eating dinosaur iguanodon.

As stated in the publication on the website of the University, in these places supposedly 120-130 million years ago, there lived a lizard, the distinguishing feature of which was the three-toed hind limbs. And these are three-toed footprints found imprinted on the plate.

the Researchers note that to date this is the only natural object in Russia with the preserved footprints of ancient reptiles.

However, a unique look at the plate, everyone can not yet, as it is located on the territory of the regime enterprise.

Scientists are trying to agree on the transfer plate with the footprints of dinosaurs on the territory of the National Park “Kislovodsk”, where she not only can see locals and vacationers, but will also ensure proper care and safety.

otherwise, a unique monument of nature can be lost, the researchers note.