In Kostroma the churches are preparing for the consecration of baptismal water

In the Kostroma churches are preparing for the consecration of the baptismal water. The rite of consecration, reminiscent of state television and radio company “Kostroma” will be held in all churches of the region on Sunday, January 19.

In Kostroma in one of the largest churches – St. Tikhon’s on Union street – for the believers, and their presence in the arrival of tens of thousands, will bring a special tanker with water. It is the third consecutive year, provides the company “Key health”. It provides the citizens with clean drinking water. The rite of lighting in St. Tikhon’s Church will go at 9 am. Then all believers will be able to come and draw water.

it is believed that the Epiphany water does not go bad and stays fresh the whole year. Orthodox believe that it has healing properties. Holy water usually drink in the morning on an empty stomach, always with a prayer. However, sometimes on the advice of the Confessor from the rule and retreat. For example, drink such water pills. The main thing – to believe, say the priests.

Text: GTRK “Kostroma”