In Krasnogorsk 1.5 thousand families can not enter the apartment because of the lack of heating

In the suburban Krasnogorsk nearly fifteen hundred families are unable to enter into new apartments of the residential complex “Spassky bridge”. Housewarming shareholders promised in August 2019. By estimations of the Builder, the degree of readiness of houses 99 percent.

– Here it is, my cherished apartment. There’s the window. And, you know, such an insult! Every day I drive past, but to move there I can not.

Nicholas Pryakhin bought an apartment in the complex “Spassky bridge” in Krasnogorsk for 4.5 million rubles. For the sake of housing his family ran up huge debts, but still not moved.

“I Want to go because I’m a family man. I have three children. Remove one-room apartment for 35 thousand rubles. I pay the mortgage on the presidential program. 21 thousand rubles spent on this apartment, which is already completed. This is the whole paradox. Please help!” — says Nikolay Pryakhin, interest holders LCD “Spassky bridge”.

Family Fedotov bought in this complex of two apartments: one for themselves, another for grandma, who now lives in another region.

“Grandma this situation is very upset. She constantly call an ambulance, her blood pressure is high. She just doesn’t know if she’ll be around the transfer of the apartment. It all happens in Zabaykalsky Krai. And my grandmother lives just to come to this house,” — explains Elena Fedotova, interest holders LCD “Spassky bridge”.

In this situation, there were 1,400 families. And this despite the fact that the developer has sold all apartments in the complex and the like should not experience financial problems. Real estate investors of residential complex “Spassky bridge” promised to give the keys back in August 2019. The house is ready almost 99 percent. Here installed all engineering systems, completed facade work, but to get inside and start repairing the apartment owners can not.

to Clearly explain why deadlines constantly break down, employees can’t. Director of the company-the Builder blames the content provider tothe company “Gorodskie teplosistemy”. TCU got the money for heating homes a few years ago. But in the end refused to comply with the obligations to the builders.

“We have received a waiver. Because at that time in the GTS had declared bankruptcy, was appointed the bankruptcy Trustee. He sent us the answer that the boiler to which we are connected, no capacity,” — said Sergey Zhukov, General Director of the developer.

In the end, residential complex connected to the heat only partially. Now the developer clarifies the relationship with the boiler in the court. When and what the outcome of the trial is unknown.

“On the housings 9 and 10 security houses warm fully confirmed. The body 11, the developer is in court proceedings with the supplier of thermal energy. We as the Supervisory authority planned to appear in court by a third party,” — said Alexander Gapanovich, head of the Department of supervision of construction No. 2 of Glavgosstroynadzor.

“Spassky bridge” decided to put into operation in parts. In two buildings the heat is given. In the near future there will pass the Commission and will begin issuing keys. And the rest of the body promised to deliver no later than June 30.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”