In Krasnoyarsk, opened the festival

the Festival “Magic ice of Siberia” opened in Krasnoyarsk. The participants gathered on the embankment of the Yenisei river, this is the place for the next week will become the workshop, where step by step will create a magical sculpture out of snow and ice. Themselves sculptures yet, but signs with names already here. “The dragon and the Fox”, “the Little Prince”, “moonlight Sonata”, “the Art of winning dragons.” It is now clear that works will be just stunning.

By the way, dragons are sacred to the Chinese, this year from Harbin to Krasnoyarsk there arrived three teams. Some here, like the masters they are attracted by the quality cold, as people — warm Siberian welcome. In the regional center was visited by guests from China, Lithuania, Belarus from different cities of Russia. A total of 20 teams, half will do snow sculptures, the rest will work with ice, reports GTRK “Krasnoyarsk”.

Meanwhile, on the waterfront has created an atmosphere of magic — “Magic ice of Siberia” takes place in the Winter Surikov festival of arts, so everything here reminds about the work of a great artist. There are other important for the region meanings. “This Yeniseisk-400, and Surikov festival, and the masterpieces of our great countryman of the artist Vasily Surikov, which are represented here,” — said the mayor of Krasnoyarsk Sergey Eremin.

Now the wizards have to fill Bank of the Yenisei its masterpieces, for the 8th time is the number of years the festival exists in Krasnoyarsk.

Text: GTRK “Krasnoyarsk”