Twenty Russian cities awarded the status of “City of labor valor”. As shown the rear of the inhabitants of these settlements, and as he was gathering signatures for the appropriation of the title?

with a salute, and the facade of the Novosibirsk theatre is transformed into a huge screen. Light show in honor of the long-awaited holiday. Novosibirsk now officially has the status of “City of labor valor”. Voted for it the locals, and they are stubborn facts and figures: 30 evacuated enterprises during the war, where they were made every third shell for the red army.

“Very welcome news. I share the joy not only from Novosibirsk, but also with the residents of all 20 cities,”- said the Governor of the Novosibirsk region Andrey Travnikov.

In the same heroic list now, and Omsk, where in the years of the war, he moved from 100 companies. The city became an industrial center, which produces everything from sights to heavy equipment. Plants was placed in the open field, and work in the Siberian frosts. Change shared 16 hours a day. “The award of the Omsk title of “City of labor merit” is recognition of all of our workers and proud” — said the Governor of the Omsk region Alexander Burkov.

In Novokuznetsk the publication of the results in Moscow were watching live. Dozens of citizens, including war workers, gathered in the Central square. When the President uttered the name of their city, the scene sounded a loud applause. Novokuznetsk armor protected Soviet tanks in 1941, local engineers and Steelworkers in record time, performed the seemingly impossible — in a matter of weeks without the necessary technology here began the production of solid alloys.

“there always were a very hardworking, dedicated, loyal to our country people. This was, is and will be the city of Novokuznetsk,” — said the Governor of the Kemerovo region Sergey Tsivilev.

this metal defended 50 thousand heavy tanks, it produced 100 million tons of shells and 45 thousand aircraft. And all this at the cost of the labor heroism.

the long-Awaited title of “City of labor valor” was for Nizhny Novgorod. Under this decision, was signed by 800 thousand inhabitants — the largest number among all candidates. Specially for this day here have opened a monument that captured the main characters of the heroic work of: machine tools, as a rule, were teenagers, women and the elderly.

“Our city of Gorky gave the front and tanks and planes. Why not just give! The city deserves this glory,” said one of the veterans.

early In the war it was here that collected more military equipment, all under the incessant bombing of the Nazis. The Germans wanted to completely destroy the Bitter. The mass production of tanks in the city were able to establish in just a month and a half. Only artillery here have produced more than all the countries of Hitler coalition.

“the Decision was made in relation to a number of cities, but it is obvious that the leader was Nizhny Novgorod”, — said the Governor of Nizhny Novgorod region Gleb Nikitin.

On labor heroism recalled in Yekaterinburg. During the war it was called Sverdlovsk. For military purposes in 1941, it was necessary to convert dozens of factories, even as many had to be placed. And after a few months from the Urals to the front came the artillery, anti-aircraft guns, rifles.

fireworks today thundering nal Ural, Siberia, Far East. During the war the victory was forged in every corner of the big country. City hospital Borovichi, weapons centers in Izhevsk and Ufa, the spare capital of Samara, “tankograd” Chelyabinsk. Labor feat of the people of the two towns is now officially assigned to the fact.