In Less a five year old girl broke her leg jumping on a trampoline

the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor’s office check trampoline Park in Less where injured 5-year-old girl. During the emergency, one of the adults was not there.

As reported STRC “Ural”, in the amusement Park little Lisa came to celebrate their fifth birthday. Friend and the girl went into the area of suspended trampolines. It all happened in just a minute: one bad jump and as a result – the broken leg. The moment of impact, none of the adults noticed. To determine the course of events was possible thanks to the filming of the security cameras. It is seen that first, she and a friend are jumping on different trampolines, and then the girls decide to unite. This was a mistake. During joint jump five-year-old landed badly and injures his leg.

“was even less a girl, we have her distracted, Lisa I jumped on the other girl. To me it is absolutely not visible. This platform, where they rode, it is not visible. The instructor was in another play area. A bunch of game zones one instructor. So the kids were homeless,” – said the mother of the child victim Elena Deaf.

But the Park staff are sure to blame in this case and the baby. Before the session the children and parents held a briefing on safety, where they said that jumping together on one trampoline is strictly prohibited.

“the Two of us jumping on the trampoline is a safety violation. Held hands, decided to jump together. Accordingly, resonance weights, different position of the jump, and a little girl who was injured, has fallen,” – explains the Manager trampoline Park Daria Davydova.

In the fall, the girl received a fracture of the femur. The next three weeks she will spend in a hospital, then a long rehabilitation. The parents wrote a letter to the Investigation Committee.

“the Investigative Committee carried out a complex of actions for establishment of all circumstances of the incident intsthe Ident. To determine the severity of the harm caused to health of the girl is examined,” – said senior assistant head of Department of the TFR in the Sverdlovsk region Alexander Shulga.

Trampoline Park in Less running all year, but minor injuries, according to the employees themselves, happen monthly. Now the parents of little Lisa intend to seek punishment of the leadership of the entertainment center for negligence to visitors. And most importantly, such occurrences here did not recur.

Text: STRC “Ural”