In Los Angeles, 26 people were injured in the dumping of aviation fuel on the Playground

26 people, including 17 children went to the doctors for help after the plane spilled aviation fuel on the Playground at the elementary school in Los Angeles in the United States. These data are reported by the fire Department of the city.

As specified, for medical assistance to 17 children and nine adults. They all received minor injuries required hospitalization was not. Evacuation order in the area of the school did not act.

currently, the scene there are 70 firefighters and EMTs to assist the victims, reports TASS.

the Dumping of aviation fuel on the territory of the Playground at the elementary school in the town of Cudahy (Los Angeles, California, USA) was made by the crew of the passenger liner of airline Delta Air Lines during emergency landing at the International airport of Los Angeles.

Flight 98 Delta Air Lines Los Angeles to Shanghai after departure from the airport of Los Angeles gave the signal of alarm, returned to airport and landed without incident after got rid of the fuel to reduce its weight before landing, said Federal aviation administration of the United States.