In Madrid recorded outbreak of coronavirus among doctors

In the Spanish capital recorded outbreak of coronavirus among doctors. In one of the hospitals, the doctors decided to retire his colleague. After a celebratory dinner at least five employees confirmed the diagnosis of COVID, 16 quarantined. Meanwhile, the Ministry of tourism of the country are in talks with your neighbors about open borders.

Perhaps, for Spaniards this is the main positive news of the last days: the border with Portugal and France, the country is going to open immediately after the state of emergency. For staying of these countries canceled a mandatory two-week quarantine.

“In the case of France and Portugal I can confirm that from June 22, restrictions on overland transport are removed. This is very important because it will allow us to bring some tourists,” said tourism Minister of Spain Maria Reyes Maroto.

But this news is not the only one. In Spain is gaining momentum, “case March 8,” he knew or not about the risks of a disease outbreak, the organizers of the demonstrations on women’s day, because the virus in the country already. In the list of those summoned to the court, now not only the police and guards, and policy.

Perhaps that is why in Portugal epidemiologists is extremely accurate, although the figures here are better and the state of emergency was not introduced. Health authorities have identified a new outbreak of coronavirus in the suburbs of Lisbon. At least six residents of a house were found to be infected. In the area of the tent set for testing of all residents .

“the Department of health develops procedures for testing. There are about 10 families who must pass the tests”, — says the coordinator of civil protection.

Not only in the tourism and sanitation conditions may affect migrants trying to reach Europe from Africa, for example, to the Spanish Islands by boat. Since the epidemic began officially there are more than one hundred. The Spanish authorities are placed sailing in the specilinykh complexes isolation.

the Situation in Africa is complex, as in Latin America. Now, not only Brazil, the attention of virologists confined to Peru. Here for the increasing number of deaths had to increase the production of coffins. However, countries which were the first closed the first international tourism is likely to first come back to him. In Cuba the situation stabiliziruemost.

“We are ready to accept tourists when the country decides that conditions are safe to open from the point of view of health. Our facilities are ready, and we will find the best deals,” says hotel Director of Marilyn Espinosa.

But the transcontinental tourism plans while it does not appear. Many European countries are in no hurry to open even their own border crossing points.

On the border of France and Switzerland and friends from Norway meet at a kind of barrier. They had not seen since the start of the pandemic. The Swiss border police warns of sanctions if it attempts to visit each other, crossing only two meters.

to Observe social distance will have even the casino. The famous Las Vegas in Nevada, opens its doors after two months of inactivity. According to the TV channel MSNBC, the unemployment rate in Nevada in may reached a record 30 percent. But now it is impossible to speak about the return of ordinary life — the capacity of the institutions will be twice less, and checking the temperature of employees and guests is mandatory. Players at the table will share a transparent plastic shields. Many previously unusual things should become normal practice in many major tourist cities in the world.

to Comply with the requirements will have a vaccine. When that happens, nobody knows. While Spanish scientists, like many in the world continue their research. In one of the leading genetics institutions in Barcelona exploring the possibility of synthesizing special bacteria that are able to overcome the coronavirus.