In many regions of Russia during the week will be the high ultraviolet index

Scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand warned that most regions of Russia this week will be the high ultraviolet index and advised at midday to be in the room.

the Weatherman said that it was quite high last week, reports TASS.

In Moscow, for example, the projected figures 6 to 9 are projected to be in Moscow. However, particularly dangerous ultraviolet index in southern Russia on the border with Abkhazia, Georgia.

There, said Vilfand, the index “rolls 10-11 conditional units.”

He advised during daylight hours to go outside only wearing long sleeves, wearing hats and use sunscreen.

Earlier it was reported that in June this year a very “evil” sun.

residents of the capital region warned about abnormal heat in the coming days.