In Minsk looking for a dismantler, drowned hands of his victim in the river

Minsk police are looking for the killer of a 37-year-old woman who dismembered the body and dumped the limbs of his victim in the river Svisloch. Gym bag with the remains of 2 Jan found the staff of the public utilities, and three days later, investigators raided the apartment where, allegedly, the crime was committed.

the report, the interior Ministry stated that the identity of the deceased established. The Investigative Committee of Belarus said that the body was found in the apartment of one of houses on the street Romanov Sloboda the city centre. No other details other than the age of the deceased is not given.

Information about, when the murder was committed and that could be his motive has been reported. According to some, in connection with the murder case was searched in the apartment of the head of the center “Legal assistance to population” Oleg Volchek, but the man himself was interrogated as a witness.