In Moscow a young man beat up a student and shot him in the face

In Moscow, a young man beat up the teenager and shot him. The police opened a criminal case.

As reported in the main investigation Department of the RF IC in Moscow, a 20-year-old young man attacked the student “because of the hatred and unacceptability of another ideology.” He broke a teenager’s nose and shot in the face. In addition, the minor received injuries and bruises, he was given all necessary medical care.

the Assailant was arrested, police filed a case on hooliganism (article 213 of the criminal code).

“to the Supervisory authority initiated the issue of withdrawal of criminal case from the police and forwarding it to the territorial division of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow”, – have noted in investigatory management.

3 January, a similar incident occurred in Primorye. In the city of Artyom, the attacker fired from the window of the apartment passing by teenagers. Girl and boy 10 and 15 years were injured.