In Moscow detained a sought snus Schoolgirls pedophile

In the capital Captive law enforcement officers detained porter, a suspect in the harassment to Schoolgirls. The attacker acted openly, posing as a fighter against the spread of snus, — searched juveniles in search of tobacco blends. To leave his mark helped the record with surveillance cameras.

we Know at least three cases, which occurred on January 21 Novopetrovskaya street. The man stopped sisters, long asked about whether or not they smoke, and then ransacked. After inspecting the backpack, he turned to clothes.

“Felt sleeve jacket, crawled under the jacket and the sundress, then puts his hand down in the panties and touched the genital organs” — noted in the guidance, drawn from the words of the mother of the girls.

Then the suspect invited the girls to film the transfer of school and the dangers of Snykov, but they give it a few minutes later escaped.

the Suspect was quickly arrested them, according to “MK”, was a local resident, disabled of the third group, working as a loader. He has a wife and recently born child. In deed it, it clarifies the issue, confessed. Official confirmation of this information from the custody order has not been received.

last week, a young resident of suburban Stupina tricked pursuing her on her way home suspicious man. Nine-year-old girl managed to hide and escape from an attacker who followed on her heels.