In Moscow, Epiphany frosts will not be

From 13 to 17 January, the weather in Moscow will remain record warm: in the afternoon the temperature will be zero, at night — a small minus.

“the Period of heat lasts from Nov. The background temperature next week will be close to a record in Moscow, he will be above normal by 8-12 degrees,” — told “Interfax” acting Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand.

temperature Fluctuations around zero, rain and sleet will lead to the fact that the height established in the capital of the snow cover will be reduced in two times.

January 18, will come to the region of the anticyclone, the weather will clear and start a little cold. However, according to Vilfand, on the night of 19 January, when the whole of Russia are traditional Epiphany bathing, a real frost in the capital will not.