In Moscow from may 23, repealed electronic access

the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov said that in the Moscow region of may 23, pass cards, introduced earlier because of the coronavirus, is no longer needed.

“If you go to Moscow, already issued permits will be valid until may 27,” — said Vorobyov. A new travel Tuesday (26 may) the new pass will need to register on the portal of the

“In the capital, a different population density, so there yet remains,” — said the head of the region on his page “Vkontakte”.

Speaking about digital badges, Vorobyev said, “Okay, joy, they are not delivered, but the result is given”. In his words, “this system and other measures helped us to avoid the negative scenario.”

the Governor of Moscow suburbs reminded that the region has already launched construction of an industrial enterprise.

“In fact, works almost everything except the service sector. Everywhere the new standards, and they is not exotic, but the norm,” — said Vorobyov, Recalling that the responsibility of business owners and executives.

He also notes that “a mandatory standard now — a mask in public places, in transport”, and the use of gloves “recommended”.

the Governor also said that in Moscow in several stages we will open IFC: first — for legal persons, later, for the population (where services are provided in the paper and while at the appointment).

since Monday, may 25, in the Moscow region earn auto trade will open sales offices in the construction of housing, said Andrei Vorobyov.

he reminded that “residents over 65 years of age now, alas, must stay home.”

“the same measure applies to people with chronic diseases. The threat will not go away, the need to protect themselves”, — said the head of the Moscow region.

“the Others have to follow the rules and be careful. Then we can quickly cancel the remaining restrictions”, — said Andrei Vorobyov.