In Moscow organized an underground shelter for child trafficking: SC checks

the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the fact of the death in Moscow of a child born to a surrogate mother. The body of a newborn found in the apartment, where there were several babies. As it turned out, they were all going to pass on to future parents-foreigners. How was organized crime, the adoption business, and why it flourished, where it has long had notice and stop?

a Quiet new neighborhood near Moscow Odintsov. Many of the neighbors with each other, even strangers. This could be called an ideal place for a hidden base on trafficking of children born to surrogate mothers abroad, if not for the tragedy — the death of one of the kids.

“criminal case under signs of crime envisaged by part 1 of article 109 (causing death by negligence) and paragraphs “b, “g”, “h” of part 2 of article 127.1 of the Russian Criminal code (human trafficking). A boy born to a surrogate mother in December 2019, was under the care of a babysitter in the apartment where also lived another three babies,” — said the senior assistant administrator of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow region Olga Brady.

On the death of the child told the babysitter, a citizen of Ukraine. The police arrived did not find it in any documents on children.

In a rented apartment hid newborn babies, while foreigners were issued documents for their export abroad. It seems that all this was absolutely illegal. Now there’s no one here, no one answers. Police are searching for the owner to know whether he knew that his tenants made here in the underground shelter.

In the yard is always full of kids. Mothers with strollers, no one suspicious. To the question, did anyone on the content in the kids house for sale, many were surprised: “What?! Babies are not commodities, they cannot be traded”. Had no idea about anything and the neighbors on the stairwell, "I just thought they have two children and they are such a big stroller walk, a man and a woman.”

Here is a quote from the website of the Agency, to do business on infants: “16 years of success! Our experts will assist you in the selection of candidates for a surrogate mother”. However, a removable office is empty — like a rout.

Say, the cost of services, laboring for money, women started from a half to two million rubles. Now investigators find out the legitimacy of these legal manipulations and the role of each of accomplices.

Owners of the apartment were detained. To questions about why they kept there for minor children in response to the silence.

Any questions from the Investigative Committee and Odintsovo to the guardianship. The head of Department of guardianship and guardianship of the Ministry of education of the Moscow region in the Odintsovo city district Natalia Snegireva stated that the identification of such underground shelters, the police, and the documents for the export of children is shaped not through them.

“The child principle should be the testimony of his birth as he was born on the territory of the Russian Federation. In order to carry the child across the border, for it is necessary to issue a passport”, — commented the lawyer Darya Kashleva.

Who the biological parents of three surviving babies and where they are now, is still unknown. Currently, the children seized by the police and taken to a hospital for examination.