In Moscow perusal the first stage of unified state examination on the Russian language

more than 70 thousand graduates of the capital on 6 and 7 July pass Russian language. Along with mathematics is the most demanded subject, as necessary for admission to any University. Moscow produced 5 thousand audiences, and still to avoid the crowds, the exam was decided to take in two phases.

the Exam on the Russian language ended half an hour ago. In Moscow this year passed 70 thousand graduates.

This is the longest test. If the foreign language can pass for 20 minutes, then the Russian took almost 4 hours. In the capital passed the test without incident. This is also confirmed by the special Commission of Rosobrnadzor, watching the progress of the examination at one of the schools in the South of Moscow.

“Everything passes in a regular mode at us, there are no serious failures, – has told temporarily fulfilling duties of the head of Rosobrnadzor, Artur Kh. – There are hundreds of parties that was for health reasons is not allowed, we are talking about a few dozen.”

As at the start of the first wave of the exam, schools comply with all security measures: required distance, the measurement of temperature. But to put on the exam gloves and a mask to decide provided by the examinee.

the Exam on the Russian language pass in two stages. Did it specifically to avoid a large number of graduates in classes one day.

As the Chairman of the Association of teachers of Russian language and literature Roman Doschinsky exam this year has not changed.

“No innovation, there is only special notes for experts, but it is certainly not for the examinee. The exam is smooth, balanced, not very simple but not very complex, as it should be for mass examination”, – he noted.

July 7, students will continue to take the exam on the Russian language. Results participants will receive in two weeks.