In Moscow, presented the

At the Mosfilm ceremony of awarding the prize “Golden eagle”. This year the highlight of the event was that it was conducted without leading.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the new Minister of culture Olga Lyubimova delivered greetings of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The head of state noted in his address that the award always becomes a feast for the masters of cinema and numerous guests. The President stressed that to become the owner of the coveted statuettes is a dream of everyone who linked their lives with the film. Live broadcast led website Вести.Ru.

the Main prize in the nomination “the Best film” was awarded to the film “Text” Klim shypenko. The award was presented by actress Alisa Freundlich, which was also noted for the contribution to Russian cinema.

Alexander Petrov won the award for the film “Text” in the category “Best male role”. In this category it was submitted twice, the second time for the film “T-34”. “Golden eagle” in the same category was awarded to Victoria Miroshnichenko for the film “Giant”.

the Ribbon “stormy weather” (TV channel “Russia”) was awarded the prize in the category “Best series”. Received the award Director Sergei Ursulyak and producer Anton Zlatopolsky.

Anna Mikhalkova won in the category “Best actress on television” for participation in the series “Storm”. For “Best actor on television” the prestigious award was given to Pavel Derevyanko (“house arrest”).

the Scenario of the year was filmed with the participation of TV channel “Russia”, “T-34”, the award was received by Alexey Sidorov.

In the category “Best mini-series” victory ribbon “Godunov”.

“the Golden eagle” for best Director was awarded to Alexei Sidorov (“T-34”).

the Prize for best music was awarded to Anna Drubich. Her songs sounded in the movie “Odessa”, filmed with the support of the channel “Russia”.

In the category “Best foreign film in the Russian hire” the winner of the award was “the lion King”.

“Golden eagle” has been held since 2002. The selection of movies for nominations performed by the expert Council. This year in addition to the award winners receive a cash prize of $ 150 thousand in the individual categories, as well as 300 thousand for movie or TV series.