In Moscow, rescuers pulled a man trapped in the garbage disposal

Moscow rescuers pulled the man out of the chute high-rise buildings, reports TASS. According to preliminary information, the man tried to get things that fell in the garbage disposal, but to get out could not.

the Incident occurred on ulitsa Kibalchicha. Caused rescuers recovered the man and transferred him to the ambulance for further hospitalization.

a Year earlier the Minsk rescuers pulled from the garbage man pulled over a bunch of keys. Taking out the garbage at the 9-th floor, Minsk accidentally threw the keys to the apartment and climbed after them in the garbage disposal. The keys he found on the 6th floor, but to get out independently not could. Screams stuck Minsker heard neighbors and called rescuers. And dropped in the garbage disposal telephone American rescuers pulled by straps.