In Moscow said goodbye to actor Michael Kokshenova

In the ritual hall of the Mitinsky crematorium in Moscow ended with a farewell to people’s artist of Russia Mikhail Kokshenov. The ceremony was crowded, told RIA Novosti the actor Alexey Panin.

According to him, in addition to close relatives and friends will say goodbye to Aksenovym came actor Boris Tokarev. The urn with the ashes of the actor will be buried in the family vault Axenovich at the Novodevichy cemetery near the graves of Gogol. Kokshenov will be laid to rest beside his mother and grandmother.

Mikhail Kokshenov died June 5 after a long illness, he was 83 years old. The artist was known in particular for his roles in the popular movie “Zhenya, Zhenya and “Katyusha”, “Dauriya”, “sports lottery-82”, “the Most charming and attractive”. Three years ago Mikhail Kokshenov suffered a stroke and since then has not appeared in public.