In Moscow said goodbye to Galina Volchek

celebrate the passing of the artistic Director of “Sovremennik” theatre drew thousands of people: friends, colleagues and fans. People’s artist died 26 Dec 87-m to year of life. In theatrical tradition, Volchek was performed with applause. In memory of Galina Borisovna actors “the Contemporary” night would play her favorite show – “Three sisters” by Anton Chekhov.

At the farewell ceremony in the theater “Contemporary” — just tears and no attendants words. Here today — ringing silence. For the theater Galina Volchek and heart, and soul, and voice. At the entrance to the theatre where there passed ceremony of farewell, — Billboard’s most iconic performances, including “whirlwind”. Legendary setting at this stage is for thirty years. It played exactly a week ago. Galina Volchek was in the theater, was in the audience. This is the last performance that she was watching.

Actor and Director Vladimir Mashkov said that with the departure of Galina Volchek was “endlessly cold and lonely”. “Her love of theater, her love for all people, who surrounded her, truly creative. Her intuition is unmatched, she very carefully looked at people, and such a careful look anymore. But the feeling that her soul does not leave us, I have a very persistent. She very much said to students and artists, will live on and always remember this great woman, a great theatrical man,” he said.

the Actress Alexandra Zakharova recently buried his father – directed by Mark Zakharov, remember that Zakharov and Volchek in one day came to the theater almost 40 years of their creative paths have crossed: “They were born one year, one day seemed like actors in the theatre “city Council”, where they both refused. Them in one day claimed the main producers. And over 40 years they have built two of the best theaters in Moscow: the “Lenkom” and “Contemporary”. Substituting each otherat the shoulder, they never competed. And gone in one year.”

Tonight at the theatre will play a legendary performance of Galina Volchek “Three sisters” by Chekhov. As a symbol of that creativity continues to live.

a Galina Volchek accompanied by music from the “Three sisters”. At the behest of the family, buried people’s artist of the Novodevichy cemetery near the grave of her first husband, Eugene Evstigneeva.

they Say Galina Volchek had a rule: despite the employment of all Christmas gifts to friends and colleagues, she always signed personally by hand. Now the tradition was interrupted.