In Moscow said goodbye to the driver who died in a traffic accident with Ephraim

In Moscow said goodbye to the driver Sergey Zakharov, who died in a road accident, which gave the actor Mikhail Efremov. A farewell ceremony was held in the memorial hall at the Institute Sklifosovsky.

to say goodbye to Zakharov in addition to his wife and son came to his friends and colleagues, reports of “360”.

Later, the body Zakharova will be taken to the village Konstantinovo Ryazan region. There, in the Church of our lady of Kazan, will be held the funeral service, transfers “62 info”. Konstantinovo is bordered by the native village of Zakharov – Kuz’myns’ka. The driver will be buried in the local cemetery.

June 8, the actor Mikhail Efremov staged an accident on the Garden ring near Smolenskaya square. He left on a strip of oncoming traffic and collided with a Lada van, at the wheel which was Zakharov. The driver suffered serious injuries and died in hospital, Efremov was not injured.

In fact the accident criminal case. A medical examination showed that the Ephraim in the time of the accident was drunk: in his blood was found at 2.1 ppm alcohol and traces of drugs. Later, it was therefore filed another case about the sale of illicit substances.

At the moment, Yefremov is under house arrest. He was interrogated, is appointed psihologo-psychiatric examination.