In Moscow to investigate two resonant cases involving minor children

Five babies, the eldest of whom was not even six months. In one apartment without parents and with clear documents. Today’s discovery of the Moscow police, which ended the criminal case on human trafficking. Newborn found during the inspection — they lived under the care of two women with uncertain status.

But gave birth to children, apparently, a surrogate mother. At least, this is evidenced by the documents on the procedures of artificial insemination. Well, an important point — decorated paper in Russian and Chinese languages. So, probably, the infants were intended for export to customers from China.

In this case, neither the landlord nor the other tenants were not even aware about what’s inside ordinary three-pointers organized in a makeshift nursery. Actually, the situation came to light only thanks to the vigilance of health care provider. Health visitor during the visit were suspicious.

Well, in another high profile case, which is now being investigated in Moscow, children were rescued by neighbors. Five minors were locked in the apartment by his own mother, which for several days had left them without food.

This fridge is empty now evidence. Five hungry children sitting in a closed apartment for 3 days. Called for help. Neighbors called the rescue and the police. The door had to open. This is what they saw — apartment with virtually no furniture and the children. All immediately sent to hospital for examination.

“They are the center of family and childhood Department of education and social protection, with the psychologists, now being tested, why it happened that they were left alone, and the results of the audit will draw conclusions”, — said Olga Yaroslavskaya, responsible for the rights of the child in Moscow.

the Older girl is 13, the youngest boy is only a year and a half. The family is registered as disadvantaged. It is known that the mother has no job, lives on benefits. About the large family, and neighbors speak differently.

“They’re behavior is not very good, I these are not people contact,” says one of the neighbors. “Mother is always with children, you know she’s young, caring mother, good girl, very sociable, open. Actually, my mother is very open children to communicate,” argues another neighbor.

According to some unconfirmed reports, the mother appealed to the guardianship with the request to take her to one of the daughters, which allegedly behaved badly. She refused. But the family began to look, and supposedly, nothing suspicious was found.

“the Family is the division and the Commission on Affairs of minors, the mother informed privleges liable for failure to perform responsibilities for the upbringing and maintenance of minors,” — said Lyudmila Nefedova, head of the press service of the Moscow Prosecutor’s office.

this time the mother went to the cottage, as they say, repairing burned-out house. The police tried to reach her, but failed. And when she returned, children the house was gone.

“When things like that happen, you’re tempted to think that surely this is not the first time, surely the mother was allowed to leave children alone, children, minors, children left in danger or any unforeseen circumstances, I hope that it is all right with health. And she can get back to the kids and take care of them,” — says Olga Okunev, the Deputy of the State Duma Committee on family, women and children.

Investigators will test for negligence of employees of bodies of guardianship. In addition, find out whether the woman’s immediate family and where the father or fathers of these children. Otherwise, they can all be in foster care or an orphanage.

“we Need to understand, we need to understand what is happening there, should include relatives, acquaintances, should be included guardianship, the easiest way is to deprive of parents. But then it’s very difficult these five children will live, to restore his psychic cold hesome health and build their relationship with the world,” warns Elena Morozova, child psychologist, Director of the Center for psycho-pedagogical support of the family “Useful children”.

However, the probability that the mother will deprive of the parental rights. Although the measure is extreme and unpopular, because in the first place from such a punishment hurt children. But criminal case under two articles may leave the court no choice.