In Moscow will establish a monument to Andrey Dementyev work Tsereteli

Two years ago — June 26, did not live only three weeks to 90 years, departed this life beloved by several generations of the poet, chief editor of the magazine “Youth” (1981-1992) and columnist, VGTRK Andrey Dementyev.

on the day of memory of the poet at Kuntsevo cemetery in Moscow, where he is buried, will open the monument Dementieva of work of Zurab Tsereteli — President of Russian Academy of arts.

They also had many years of creative friendship, the last verses Dementieva was devoted to talent Tsereteli, because the question of who will make the monument stood, told in the press service of the House of poetry of Andrei Dementyev.

the Monument is a bronze book with the famous poetic lines of the poet: “All will be well after us / And the glory of God.”

Above it there is a stack of books, which symbolize famous works and creative milestones in the life of Dementieva, reports TASS.

the Pedestal is made of Baltic stone of the same breed as the stone on the grave of Joseph Kobzon, as noted in the press service of the symbolic, since they were also friends. Thus, Tsereteli “joined friends in another life.”