In Murmansk area have detained the surgeon who entrusted the amputation of the students

In the Murmansk region arrested the surgeon, who entrusted the conduct of the amputation of limbs of students, trainees, are not entitled to operate independently, reports TASS.

As reported in the regional investigative management of SK Russian Federation brought criminal case under article about services that do not meet safety requirements.

According to investigators, in the summer of 2019 surgeon at the hospital in the Kovdor district and instructed the students of the fourth course, are not entitled to conduct their own surgery, to carry out a planned amputation of the lower limb of the patient.

the doctor Himself, according to the investigation, in operations did not participate, but only give students oral directions and made in the medical documents about the data
that operated it.

Investigators believe that the doctor intentionally put the life and health of the patient in danger.

According to the regional Prosecutor’s office, during surgery the doctor had to pull out of the operating room, leaving the students to carry out uncontrollably surgery. It is noted that the operation lasted an unreasonably long time — about seven hours.

the patient survived injury he received.