In Norilsk were all aged in decades: Potanin about the upcoming change of the landscape around the city

industrial safety Norilsk Nickel decides in the forced mode. Parallel to the internal investigation of the causes of the emergency. The company’s resources will be seriously redistributed, so that the selection of technologies and contractors built on more environmentally adjusted criteria. Learn more about this on air of the TV channel “Russia 24” said the head of Norilsk Nickel Vladimir Potanin.

— Such a rescue operation was not yet the “Russian Arctic”, as the scale of the accident, which was also great. The first stage is finished. How do assess it? Got it?

In my opinion, the assessment of this stage was given by the President. He said the situation had been reversed. It is really so. About 90 percent of the spilled fuel is collected from the water and about 70 percent of soil processed. In numbers, it looks like more than 100 thousand tons of soil and more than 32 thousand cubic meters of water-fuel mixture. To provide reliable storage of this waste collected, prepared reserve additional capacity of 10 thousand cubic meters of water and 100 thousand tons of soil. We are currently working on recycling, will be recycling the water-fuel mixture through pumping to the places of separation, which will be produced by the separation of fuel from water. Fuel might be used, and the water will be downloaded in a specially prepared tank and then use either the industrial cycle, or we’re looking at the optimal solution will be neutralized in a different way. But she is no longer a danger.

as for the soil, the most promising technology is its granulation, that is, using cement and other sorbents by using additives it is transformed into environmentally friendly pellets that you can either keep in storage, or even use as a construction material for dams. This is now the stage that we are PRoiti.

With a water-fuel mixture, we expect to handle 2.5-3 months, helping us in this oil. They have contractors who many times such issues should be dealt with. As for the soil, then we do it mostly on their own, us legislation allows for 11 months of that we will have this problem handled, but we hope that we’ll manage.

Vladimir Olegovich different evaluations of accident: someone calls it “environmental disaster”, someone more reserved in the estimates. Company conclusions for themselves have made? Still difficult the test was?

— Yes, of course, we are now conducting an inventory of all such objects. We have, in fact, the company has a long-term programme of investment, and it provides more than 100 billion rubles. This is a solid program for years to come. But now we are in connection with the revealed circumstances urgently conduct additional safety. By the end of this year, we plan to develop 2.5 billion roubles and $ 11.5 billion rubles next year on issues such urgent security measures. In the future, as, again, the President said, this situation revealed a systemic problem. We will work on the study of permafrost, its behavior, strengthen the monitoring system, equip additionally the necessary modern appliances. And, of course, our attitude toward these problems will change, it will be much more thorough. Even for us it will have to reallocate resources in a specific way, because it’s not a question of money, no matter the budget, we are allocating these resources. But there are questions of choice of technology, selection of contractors — this resource isopropylene area is not enough. There is no such market situation when it would be contractors from across the country to collect. Just this situation has stirred up a desire to help for which we are grateful to the numerous organizations whoe helped, particularly Transneft, Gazprom Neft, the rescuers. Is now necessary to reallocate a resource of ours, and Contracting and design to the industrial safety issues be addressed in the forced mode.

the President gave such an order to return the ecosystem to the condition in which it was before the accident. How quickly can it be done? Will there be enough resources? How much time do you leave?

— the Problem of the immediate disposal we decide for months. Then begins the more difficult problems is the reclamation of the coastline, there is also technology are clear — processed sorbent required is collecting from the banks, with banks of small streams. In addition, they block in order that it didn’t extend further. On this account also have licensed contractors who have experience of such work, so we have no doubt that we will succeed in the shortest possible time, within a few months. Maybe even before the cold before freezing. Go a much more difficult problem is the restoration of the ecological, biodiversity and so on. But here it is necessary to evaluate it.

One of the points made today on the Board is the creation of additional capacities, additional plant or plants for the production of fingerlings, their rearing and later release into the river. Accordingly, if such proposals are, our company will participate in financing these projects and implements them. Because our goal is to restore as completely as possible, the whole ecosystem.

— the Question I have to ask: was a lot of criticism in the address of the company — and emotional, and constructive. A criminal case was opened, several people are now under investigation. What conclusions, personnel, process will be done after the accident? Very sloSouth still, the stage was?

— with regard to internal discipline to work on these objects we are conducting an internal investigation and will these measures be strengthened. Obviously, once this happens, it means that they were inadequate.

as for the criticism, it was very emotional, but that doesn’t negate the fact that the situation is serious. And words of encouragement heard in this context, and word of criticism. I believe that we need to solve this problem and not get hung up now on trying to stop the flow of this criticism. It won’t stop a serious problem! But pay attention to the fact that many critics are doing it without knowledge of the real situation, so, slightly pumping. Then there are people who would otpiaritsya, they also have — God will judge them! Our business is to fix all of this.

— Life in Norilsk will change? That will change after this accident, after the elimination?

— first we need to ensure the next heating season, because now will face increased demands as a RTN, and ourselves to ourselves, from the point of view of the contents of these tanks and so on. Therefore, our first task now is to ensure that the city and the production was not injured during the winter. This is our main task right now, we are focusing on it.

As for future plans, more promising, as I said, we already had a program, we now have to force her. It provides, in particular, and the transition to alternative fuel sources to a more secure system duplication supply stations for repair of various pipelines, water pipelines and of the entire economy, which, of course, objectively speaking, quite old. But, again, I would like it to be clear that the issue here is not that we save money, the question is that it’s just not very easy to do. Many decades it has not been done, grew old, and so we year after year trying to improve the situation. In particular, over the past five years we have been in two times increased the volume of investments in all what can be broadly called industrial safety. For the next five years we double the amounts that we invest. The main thing for us is to increase the resource planning organizations, technological solutions and contractors. Therefore, if we talk about a 5-7 year horizon, I think we all would like to change the industrial landscape around the city, make it not only safe and functional, but also more acceptable on the eye.