In Novosibirsk detained attacked with bat at the driver with a large sum of cash

Novosibirsk police, four months later, the attackers detained the driver of a vehicle with a large sum of money. Soon they will spend in jail. A criminal case under article “Robbery”.

the Robbery occurred in one of the side streets of the regional center on January 30. Unknown domestic car blocked the path of another car, smashed bits of glass, struck several blows to the driver. All in order to Rob the unfortunate bag with 1.3 million rubles.

But the victim was able to resist, and with the bag ran away from the attackers. According STRC “Novosibirsk”, the next day he filed a complaint to the police about the robbery attempt.

the Militiamen carried out a great work on establishment of persons attacking. On 3 June they were detained. Both suspects previously convicted inhabitants of Novosibirsk. Currently, investigators establish the chain of events to understand how the robbers learned about the large amount of cash.

Text: GTRK “Novosibirsk”