In Novy Urengoy denied information about born with a coronavirus baby

Head of the perinatal center of the hospital in Novy Urengoy denied the rumors about coronavirus born with baby. This information appeared in a number of regional mass media.

the head of the Centre Ivan Lazarev explained that indeed, the infant positive test for coronavirus, but he came later childbirth. Perhaps from my mother, who had nursed a baby in the NICU.

the Fact that the child was born weak, was placed in the intensive care unit. In the hospital a woman has a negative test for the virus, however, had contacts with native COVID-19 place of residence. Described late-onset infection. It happened in this case: the mother and child already during their transfer to the Department of pathology were tested positive for the coronavirus.

As reported STRC “Yamal”, a similar situation arose for the first time in the region. The doctors hope that it will not happen again. The birth rate in the region is stable, there are cases of infected pregnant women. In this case, doctors immediately after birth, take the baby in the Observatory. It is proved that through the placenta the fetus is infected may not, so sterile newborn. After a two-week quarantine and repeated negative analysis of the baby give parents. Now six kovid-newborn remain in isolation waiting for test results for coronavirus.

Text: STRC “Yamal”