In Novy Urengoy the neighbor gave the residents of the house fire and flooding

for the Second year in a row, tenants of the house №6 along the street anniversary in New Urengoy will receive a Christmas gift, in the form of fire or flooding. Moreover, in the last days of December. The reason is simple — at their entrance settled “wonderful”, in quotes, a neighbor. Will continue to correspondent GTRK “Yamal” Suhl Osmanov.

In the apartment of Tatiana from the socket flowing water, the walls wet, no light, no gas. Flooded her upstairs neighbor, — it is never seen, but heard very nights. Last year, around the same time in the ill-fated apartment on the 6th floor was a fire and a man died.

“This apartment is in SINIMA, I contacted the city administration to the citizen anywhere moved, no one pays attention to it, the Prosecutor’s office wrote to the city property wrote, all I unsubscribe, what do I have to sue him in court. Sorry, but he was sitting there, he’s crazy, he drinks” — says Tatiana Vlasova, tenant house No. 6.

Tatyana the whole year trying to bring attention to the situation of the city authorities, but to hear it wouldn’t. The current flood again caught everyone “off guard” just before the holiday. For families where the child has diabetes — an emergency.

“you Need 5 times a day to give medication, you need to have everything sterile, I can’t wash it wipe it hurts, there’s blood already, we are now in a hotel going,” — said Tatiana Zipun, tenant house No. 6.

the owner of the 24 flats didn’t answer the calls. The police did not react. The evening showed up, a friend of the owner and the apartment still opened. The room on the 6th floor for human habitation seems to be bad. A hotbed of dirt, cockroaches, sewage. Arrived on-call emergency team, the cause of the flood was a broken pipe hot water.

“shut Off the water to the apartment, gave instructions to the owner to come to us for clarification. The one who opened the door explained that it did not enable the water to eliminateof the damage on the pipeline, inside the apartment,” — says Igor Kuzmenko, Director of “city service” Novy Urengoy.

In the case of the sinking have the option to pay damages in the pretrial order. In Department of municipal economy, told us the following: residents need to contact him, to write the application on the basis of which the specialists of the Department will conduct a survey with the participation of public utilities. Further, a special Commission will make the act, will be invited independent experts, they will make assessment of the damaged property. It will be restored or acquired.

unfortunately, the list of losses the law does not include nervous stress, the risk health of the child, the spoiled holiday. People who are not willing and not able to live among the people without problems go unpunished.

Text: STRC “Yamal”