In Omsk the man came at someone else's office party with a gun and wounded a woman

a Resident of Omsk has come to the office party with a gun and wounded a woman. As reported in the regional Department of the interior, on the fact of incident criminal case about hooliganism (part 1 of article 213 of the criminal code).

the incident occurred on January 19. The staff of one of the companies located in the building of a shopping center and staged a corporate party in a café.

“a passing man saw tourists, I thought that this is entertainment and wanted to go inside. When he was refused, he left, but after some time returned with a hunting rifle,” he told police.

the Man shot at the door and got into the 36-year-old woman who cleaned the room after the holiday. Wounded in the leg the victim was taken to the hospital.

According to the portal the shooter was drunk. His personality is already installed, the police took action to arrest him.

January 16, the reported shooting incident, which occurred in a court of Novokuznetsk. Fire was opened by a 45-year-old man, whom the court refused to recognize a victim in the proceedings. In the result the bailiff was fatally wounded. Hurt another woman, she was hospitalized. The gunman was arrested.