In Omsk will pass the competition on speed grave digging

In Omsk will pass a rather unusual competition on speed to digging graves. Initially the event was to be held in Vladivostok.

high-Speed digging of the graves will take place in the framework of the forum of funeral agencies. In Vladivostok instead will be a drift on the hearses. The organizers noted that the technical capabilities of the car will demonstrate a professional pilot.

the contest drew the attention of local media. On the website Necropolis Expo explained the conditions of competition. According to the rules, the grave diggers have to dig a hole a certain size, in which the coffin could enter the first time. Later the site was removed.

As reported by some media, in Vladivostok, the contest was cancelled under public pressure. Local MP on his page on the social network noted that such an event during a pandemic can be unpleasant for the people whose relatives died because of coronavirus.