In Paris call

the Champs Elysees in Paris surrounded by police, according to TV channel BFM. The unions custody order from Friday hold demonstrations in protest against the accusations of cruelty and racism. The demonstrators observed a minute of silence for colleagues killed in the line of duty, and sang the “Marseillaise.” They call to stop the persecution of the police. Demonstrations and rallies began in France as a response to the words of the Minister of internal Affairs Christoph Costanera, which called for “zero tolerance” to racism in the police and declared that the dismissal of the police will be systematically applied in cases of the detention of suspects using physical methods.

In the demonstration also involved the guards from a number of other large cities in the country, all French trade unions of police officers. See the numerous banners with slogans “No police force, no peace,” “murder police, no one in France says”, “the Police are not racist”.

a Wave of protests in the United States after the death of the African-American George Floyd, who died after police detention, has come to France. In the country there was a wave of demonstrations against racism and police brutality, which took to the streets of more than 23 thousand people. The participants demanded, in particular, to investigate a similar case of death from suffocation during the arrest police in France black Adama Traore.