In place of a fuel spill in Norilsk has already collected more than 700 tons of oil-water mixture

In Norilsk experts have pumped out more than 324 tons of spilled diesel fuel and treated with the sorbent more than 14 thousand square meters of soil contaminated after the accident at the CHPP-3. Such data on the morning of June 6 reported in the operational headquarters.

Almost 96 of 324 tonnes of spilled fuel pumped from the river Barn, reports TASS. This is the second stage of liquidation of consequences of accident at TPP-3. Earlier, in the first stage, was localized spill of petroleum products on the rivers have established nine booms stretching for more than kilometers.

Meanwhile, a source in the operational services reported: maximum allowable concentration of harmful substances in eight water samples taken from contaminated fuel reservoirs in Norilsk, exceeded 200 times. After the accident at the CHP-3 oil products fell into the waters of the rivers Daldykan and Barn. Water intakes downstream of these rivers no.

According to first Deputy head of the EMERCOM of Russia Alexander Chupriyan, the site of the fuel spill in Norilsk has already collected more than 700 tons of oil-water mixture absorbed 14600 square meters of land to coastal areas, 5 tons of spent sorbent. Removed 3670 cubic meters of soil.

with the elimination of leakage of introduced tanks 8 thousand cubic meters, they should last for a week. On the eve of the emergency aircraft Il-76 delivered additional oil booms, but still needs to use it, reports “Interfax”.

the Accident at TPP-3 occurred on may 29 of the tank spilled about 21 thousand cubic meters of fuel. On the territory of Krasnoyarsk region operates a state of emergency at the Federal level.