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In Primorye, opened the international transport corridor Ussuriysk-Pogranichny-state Border

In Primorye, opened the international transport corridor Ussuriysk-Pogranichny-state Border

In Primorye officially completed repair of roads Ussuriysk – Pogranichny – state Border. Road builders laid new asphalt and increased the width of the road by three meters. However, this is not all that can get done in two years, reports GTRK “Vladivostok”.

Reconstruction of 13-to 20-km began in 2017. Today, this road corresponds to the second category, there are organized two-lane traffic, the carriageway width of 7.5 m is required abutting and crossing. Paved shoulder, installed barrier. The station is equipped with two bus stops, a bridge, an overpass and the weigh station. Speed limit on this road is 120km/hour.

Victor Svechenovskaya, Director of the Department of transport and road economy of Primorsky Krai, said: “Used appliances of the contractor. Modern materials. That is, there is nothing obsolete, all in accordance with contemporary standards and requirements. We know the list of technologies that the region has not yet been used, which we plan to expand in the future.”

Special attention during the reconstruction was paid to this bridge over the Slavyanka river. It was designed and built in compliance with high hydrological requirements. The experts took into account all the maximum floods for 100 years of observations.

Ivan Zaichenko, chief engineer of JSC “Specs”, said: “as the project passed examination, technical characteristics of the bridge can withstand all modern load all transport and mobile structure, which are used on our roads”.

In the transport complex of Primorsky Krai highways occupy a special place due to the peculiarities of its geographical position. On the one hand, Primorye removed from the Central regions of Russia, with another – coexists with countries in the Asia-Pacific region, not to mention the difficult terrain, this is due to theand the special significance of this area. The road is important for the development of Primorye as a whole, but especially for adjacent municipal districts Boundary, October and Ussuriisk city district since it provides access to the Federal highway Khabarovsk – Vladivostok and the railway Moscow – Vladivostok.

Text: GTRK “Vladivostok”

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