In pursuit of a selfie a teenager fell from power lines and died

In the Kuzbass 13-year-old teenager was killed, torn from power lines. For a spectacular photo, he climbed up on the support lines. And during descent, touched high-voltage wires. The result fell and hit the ground dead.

As informs GTRK “Kuzbass”, the tragedy occurred in Tashtagolskom area the night before. Witnessing the death of a teenager were his friends, who immediately called the boy’s mother. The ambulance arrived quickly the injured were taken to intensive care, however, to save it failed.

Investigators brought the case. It has been established that the boy from prosperous families, on the account was not listed.

Note that people often put themselves at risk in order to beautiful selfie. So, on the eve of another victim of the selfie could become a resident of the Chelyabinsk region. 18-year-old girl climbed onto the roof of the four houses to take a selfie. Slipping, would-be photographer slipped and fell into the basement shaft. Doctors managed to save her.

Text: GTRK “Kuzbass”