In response to accusations of Iran offers US

the Demonstrators who stormed the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, had left the American Embassy. Previously the guard used tear gas. This happened after trying to set fire to the roof of the building of the diplomatic mission. It is reported the Lebanese TV channel “al-Mayadin”. The protesters spent the night near the building. Mass demonstrations at the American Embassy resumed on 1 Jan. How are the American authorities?

While the world celebrated the New year in the capital of Iraq was not up to the holiday: the U.S. Embassy had to endure the siege and the assault. Hundreds of demonstrators demanded to expel us diplomats and military out of the country.

the media reported that Ambassador hastily evacuated from Iraq. In the state Department refuted the information, saying that Matt Tuller just in the planned trip, the Embassy staff was safe, no reason for panic.

“we had the idea to evacuate the Embassy. But the American people should know that trump and our team is tirelessly working to ensure the safety of the Embassy,” said U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

Culprit in the attack on the American diplomatic corps was called personally by the President of Donald trump: Iran. And threatened that the Islamic Republic would have to pay a high price if someone of the diplomats will suffer.

In social networks soon after this came the photo: in the center — Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the colleague of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps. Allegedly, he was behind the riots at the walls of the U.S. Embassy.

to Confirm the time and place is not possible. However, soon the trump is probably looking forward to a three-week holiday, he showed the wonders of diplomacy and reassured the public.

“I do not find war a good idea for Iran — it will not last long. Do I want this? I want peace, I like peace. And Iran must want peace more than anyone. So I see no reason for that to happen. And no, I don’t think Iran would like to uhthat,” said the US President.

Experts believe that the thrust of trump to reconciliation is the threat of a new Benghazi during the election campaign. The events of 2012 in this Libyan city has shown a complete failure of American security forces, led to the destruction of the Embassy and the death of the Ambassador. And so, despite the rout, standing in front of reporters in a tuxedo with the butterfly, the White house solemnly said: “a Second Benghazi will not. Benghazi never was going to happen, and never happens again!”

To tragedy, and indeed is not repeated, the Pentagon has prepared for an emergency shipment to Baghdad 750 soldiers. If necessary, they will be ready to join another four thousand soldiers.

Iran charges in the address reject. The authorities expressed their protest “warmongering and violating the UN Charter, the statements of” American officials. This also diplomatically make it clear: the door for negotiations open.

“It’s a conspiracy, the purpose of which is to break us. To break our greatness, to force us to surrender. It is impossible and unacceptable with regard to the Iranian nation. Let off on the wrong track, on which stood. Come back, I will tell that is ready to negotiate — well, we’ll be ready. USA is not a greater nation than Iran. No greater government than the Iranian. However, we respect your nation, and we have strict objections to the inappropriate actions of your government. But we say: you can still get back on track,” — said the President of Iran Hasan Ruhani.

But those who spent the first day of the new year when the walls of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, the talks are not yet ready. They demand revenge for the missile strikes, the U.S. air force in Iraq without the permission of the country in violation of international law.