In Roskoshestvo told what to do if an online store needs money

grocery delivery is a convenient solution that will help save time. Unfortunately, not always consumers are satisfied, because some products may be damaged or does not bring the courier. How to get a refund for an order paid for in the past? This was stated by the experts of Roskoshestvo.

When you receive the goods to check for completeness in the presence of the courier

You brought order. You first need to check the name, quantity, weight, invoice or goods receipt. If you see a discrepancy, you need to ask the courier to do about it mark. An alternative method is to record the process of verification of goods receipt and the package when the courier. If he refuses to participate in the “inspection”, it is better to refuse the receipt of the order, said the Deputy head of Roskoshestvo Alexander Borisov. The fact is that to prove the absence of a product or underweight will be more difficult after leaving the courier.

Email the seller a request for a refund

If you are not able to take the goods, it is necessary to notify the seller that he returned charged. It is required to fill the store in a special form, adding the photos or videos proving the inconsistency of completeness of the order.

Deputy head of Roskoshestvo said that the consumer is not obligated to collect evidence as to who is more to blame in this situation. The action takes article 399 of the Russian Civil code “Subsidary responsibility.”

the Seller does not respond to the complaint

What to do if the money was never credited to your account and message the seller or the store remain unanswered? In this case, you can contact the CPS, the courts or the police. Law enforcement agencies will check and take action to protect consumer rights.

Alexander Borisov said that the consumer is not insured against purchases at a fraudulent site. If there is a mindysel to steal, it is the competence of the police.

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