In Russia appeared the order of the Pirogov medal and Luke the Crimean

In Russia there is a new award – Pirogov medal and Luke of Crimea. The corresponding decree was signed by President Vladimir Putin.

As noted in the document, this is done in order to improve the state award system.

by the decree approved the Statute and description of Order Pirogov, the position of Luke the Crimean medal and its description, and the drawings of the medals.

Nikolai Pirogov (1810 — 1881) – a famous Russian surgeon, the founder of modern military surgery. The world’s first to use ether anesthesia, and began to use gypsum. Luke Crimea (in the world Valentin Voyno-Yasenetsky, 1877 – 1961) — Russian and Soviet surgeon, since 1946 Archbishop of Simferopol and Crimea. Ranked of the Russian Orthodox Church canonized.